For homebuyers in the Sarasota area, Lakewood National has a ton to offer, and in every style. For just $300 a month, all their amenities are included:

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • Spas, including salons as well as hair and nail technicians
  • A fitness center
  • A 36-hole golf course

For those interested in their building options, they have an extremely popular condo series. These condos come in three styles, starting at 1,200 square feet in the $180,000 price range, up to their coach homes, which have 2,100 square feet and are in the $370,000 price range.


Additionally, there are options for single-family homes that range from 1,800 square feet all the way up to 3,900 square feet. Prices for these homes range from $380,000 up to $850,000, depending on your location. There’s something for everyone here.


What’s more is that Lennar Homes recently partnered with Amazon, which brings even more benefits to homeowners in the community. Home automation technology like Amazon’s Alexa, home security systems, wireless routers, and more come standard with the purchase of a home here.


And none of this is to mention the other fantastic incentives buyers have to come here. On top of the great mortgage team Lennar Homes is affiliated with, there is a pre-construction condo building that will be finished this year—buyers can take advantage of the $5,000 credit off the purchase price and another $2,000 off their closing costs. This $7,000 discount is a huge deal.


Last year, Lakewood Ranch had around 250 total sales, making it one of the highest-selling communities around. If you’re interested in a home here, be sure to act quickly while there are still homes left.


If you have any questions about buying or selling properties, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be glad to help.