Have An Animal Emergency? Call The Vet Care Express!

This week we are at Vet Care Express with the owner Cheryl! Vet Care Express is an animal ambulance/transportation company, that services animal emergencies and/or common pet transportation needs in Bradenton, Sarasota, and more! These ambulances are equipped with all the necessary tools required to keep your pet safe and get them to the vet or the destination you requested!

Cheryl started Vet Care Express in 2010 when her friend accidentally hit a dog on the road and didn't know what to do. Light bulbs went off and she started researching and building out ambulances to create the business we know now!

She would like everyone to know they are always around and always prepared to help with emergencies or even just advice!


Vet Care Express

Phone: (941) 592-5131

Email: cherylbrady@vetcareepress.com



If you need to transport your pet for any reason she is offering a 10% discount if you mention "House Match"! They are also offering a monthly $50 give away if you screen shot this video or take a picture of them on the road, post it on Facebook and tag them in it!