Summer Design Trends

With the changing of seasons comes the fun opportunity to create a refreshing and fun transition in your home. This year, the summer design trends are sure to add some flavor to your home to give it the pick-me-up it craves!

1. White! Having bright white walls in the summertime decreases the appearances of any clutter, and gives your space a clean crisp appearance. Whether it is white tile in the kitchen or bathrooms, or simple white paint, it is sure to open and brighten your home. 

2. A Dash of Color! Complimenting your white walls with a pop of something bright such as a fiery red or a lemon yellow creates a happy space. With this you want to make sure you don't overdo it! It only needs to be a small taste such as a vase, a single chair, or a piece of artwork.

3. Organics! Summer is a time to bring the outdoors in by adding some organic material as accents. Whether it is recycled fabric on accent pillows, a raw-edged wood end table, or even a small plant or terrarium, these little contributions just make you feel good inside!

4. Texture vs. Pattern! Although there are endless amounts of fun patterns in rugs, draperies, pillows, etc., this summer designers are moving away from patterns and into solid colors with an interesting texture. The reason for this is because summer is known to be a more relaxed and laid-back time of the year, so keeping it simple with color makes sense, while the textures retains some stimulation.  

5. Mixing up Cabinets! While having all matching cabinets is beautiful and uniform, designers are now turning it up a notch and not only pairing different cabinet colors together, but even pairing different cabinet styles together as well! This creates a very unique, custom look that can really "wow" your kitchen.

6. Black Stainless Steel Appliances- You have probably already noticed these beauties if you have been to Lowe's or Home Depot lately, but sleek look of the new black stainless steel appliances are really intriguing buyers, not to mention all of the new technology that you can have with it!

7. Bathroom Mirrors! And not just any bathroom mirrors, but statement mirrors! Whether it has a fun frame or a unique shape, the realization that mirrors are accents make the room so much more lively.

8. Unplug it! In a society taken over by technology, many families are now creating family rooms WITHOUT any technology in it! It is a warm and functional space where families can congregate without the distraction of televisions, computers etc. and actually have real conversations!

9. Really relax in your bathroom! Bathrooms are notorious for becoming messy and cluttered, but it is time to reorganize and add a touch of living space into your bathroom such as a comfy chair and fresh flowers. Not only does this help with relaxation, but it also creates a more luxurious feeling in this space.

10. Matte Metal! Metal finishes have comeback into action, but now designers are noticing a trend of matte metal finishes on light fixtures, accents, furniture etc. and moving away from the shiny golds and brasses.