Pick Your Own Produce!

Let’s Take it Outside

by Saylor Tremaroli on May 11th, 2020

Let’s take it outside! Summer is officially upon us and I for one cannot wait to spend my time outside enjoying the hot summer air. Farm fresh local produce is an awesome way to get outside, save some money, and eat better all in one go! So here are 2 great local farms that we love!


Albritton Fruit Farms, right off of Clark Rd in Sarasota.

Bring the whole family and have a blast while picking fresh grown blueberries. The Abritton farm has been family owned and operated for 6 generations. They have 60,000 plants and 4 different varieties plus everything is provided for you.  

Hunsaders Farms, off of County Rd. 675 in Bradenton.

You are going to love picking fresh grown black-eyed peas, green beans and tomatoes, etc. This lasts until the end of May and then an amazing assortment of other vegetables and fruits are going to be available to pick up. Hundsaders got its start in 1967 and has since turned into a hot destination for several events and outdoor activities.  

Stay tuned for more great summer activities coming soon!