On today’s episode of “House Match Hotspots,” we’re visiting Casa Maya, a Mexican restaurant in Bradenton that’s a personal favorite of the House Match Team.

Current owner and head chef worked in the restaurant business for many years before purchasing this one five years ago, and what truly makes them special is that they serve authentic Mexican cuisine. Additionally, they don’t advertise themselves online too much because they like to rely on good old-fashioned word-of-mouth to keep people coming back—just like in real estate.

Every week, Casa Maya tries to add new special dishes from Mexico, and in less than a month, they’ll have a brand-new menu available. They also added an hour to their daily happy hour, so it runs from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

At 1:46 in the video above, you can watch as we head back to the kitchen before we're made a molcajete—a Casa Maya specialty that’s similar to a fajita and comes with several customizable options. Then, at 3:26, you can watch Sarah Dany, our director of client success, sit down and enjoy it.

If you’re interested in trying out Casa Maya, they can be found at 8126 Lakewood Main Street, Bradenton, Florida. If you say the name “House Match,” you’ll get a 10% discount or a free dessert!

For any questions you have regarding real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the House Match Team. We’d love to speak with you.