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Nov. 5, 2018

These 4 Signs Will Tell You When It’s Time to Sell Your Home

There are four tell-tale signs to watch out for that will let you know if it’s time for you to sell your home.

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Here are the four tell-tale signs it’s time to sell your home:

1. You’ve simply outgrown it. Perhaps your family has expanded and you don’t have enough bedrooms, or you’ve acquired too many pets for the space you have. Either way, it might be time for you to move up, and we would love to help you find a home that’s more suitable for you and your family if that’s the case.

2. Your lifestyle has changed. Perhaps you’ve changed jobs and now you have a longer commute or you’re recently retired and you don’t need to work at all anymore. Situations like these often signal a time for a change of scenery.

3. Remodeling won’t give you the return you’re looking for. Certain projects will bring you a higher return on your investment, but they aren’t always what you think, and some of the more popular home improvement projects won’t bring you the amount you’d like. If you’d like a list of the projects that will give you a decent return or you’d like some advice on which renovations would be most appropriate in your case, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

4. You have a flexible time frame. Remember back in 2008 when everyone’s equity took a nosedive? Well, now most of us have recovered from that, so if you have some equity built up in your home, it might be time to cash out and move on to your next station in life.

In any case, we’re not sure what the market will be doing further down the road, so if you’re thinking of making a move soon, now’s the time to start the process.

If you’d like to know more helpful signs that it might be time for you to move or you have any other real estate needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to speak to you.

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Oct. 3, 2018

8 Things to Think About When It Comes to New Construction Homes

If you’re planning to have a home built from scratch for you, there are eight things to think about before going through with the process.

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Though many aren’t aware, there are eight things you should be doing before you move into a new construction home you’ve purchased:

  • Choose the developer first. Before you pick the builder for your new home, talk to your friends, neighbors, and community members, and also check online for reviews. Get to know the builder before you form a relationship with them.
  • Be “add-on” aware. Adding features to the home will drive up the price of your purchase. This includes features like upgraded flooring, granite countertops, additional bathrooms, finished basements, and so on. Your agent should be able to give you advice about how each add-on will affect your home’s value down the road.
  • Stay involved with the building process. Be sure to keep in consistent contact with the contractor and schedule regular meetings so that you can stay up to date on the progress of your home.
  • Learn your neighborhood. Partner with an agent who knows the area, and also be sure to reach out to your future neighbors. Knowing where your lot is with respect to schools, your job, and other hubs will be very helpful.
  • Be flexible. Deadlines need to be flexible; contractors’ timelines change frequently and issues are bound to occur when building a new home, so make sure you have a back-up plan in case your old home sells before your new home is completed. If you have a great agent, they should be there to help guide you through the process.
  • Plan a walkthrough. Don’t feel like you’re pestering the builder—this is a big purchase, and you need to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Ask your agent for tips about what to look for during these walkthroughs. Additionally, the contractor should give you a rundown of where things are and how they work.
  • Inspect the home before you close on it. Often, the builder’s representative and the general contractor will assure you that you don’t need an inspection since you have a warranty, but why take possession of something that wasn’t 100% right? Have an inspection done to have them fix any issues before you take ownership of the home.
  • Look into new home warranties. Many home warranties last for a year, but what if issues occur past that point? It might be a good idea to look into the cost of adding a new home warranty on top of your existing warranty. If it only costs you $75 to replace your air conditioning system after two years, that’s definitely a lot better than $7,000.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your new construction build, please reach out to us. We’d love to help you out.

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Sept. 11, 2018

The Latest Update on Our Local Market

What’s going on in our Sarasota and Manatee area real estate market this September? Let’s take a look at the latest developments.

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As we approach the fall, it’s time to take a look at how our Sarasota and Manatee area real estate market has changed.


Since this time last year, new listing inventory is down 11%. As a result, pending inventory is down as well, having dropped 1.6% year over year. If you’re a seller, this means you’ve currently got a great opportunity to list your property and sell for top dollar.


There are currently about 4,600 homes for sale in Sarasota and Manatee counties, leaving us with about 3.9 months’ worth of available supply. However, this figure varies between specific locations and price points.


Homes priced at or under $300,000, for example, are spending an average of just 30 days on the market and are receiving multiple offers from their first day of being active.


 How fast your home sells depends on whether you price it correctly.



Above $600,000, though, conditions are a little different. In this price point, you’ll need to make a strong offer to succeed against competing buyers.


The bottom line is this: Our market will remain strong for the next year or two, and it’s a still a great time to buy, sell, or invest.


If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Aug. 15, 2018

Your Latest August Market Update

Overall, the numbers indicate that our market is still strong. However, now all price points tell the same story.

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What do the latest numbers say about our Sarasota and Manatee County market?


This past July, new listing inventory was up 2.6%, which is no surprise considering all the new construction happening in our area. Pending inventory, meanwhile, was up 2.9%, which is great. The median price rose 1.2%, which is also good news.


How long are these homes sitting on the market? The average days on market for July was 76 days, which is actually down compared to this time last year. If the average days on market is decreasing but both pending inventory and new listing inventory are both going up, that’s an indicator that the market is staying healthy.


 How fast your home sells depends on whether you price it correctly.



Those are the overall numbers, but when we dive deeper, we see some notable differences between the average days on market and pending inventory in different price points. That 76 days on market is great, but above the $500,000+ threshold, the average days on market is well over 100 days. In that price point, we’re seeing anywhere from six to nine months of inventory. Granted, there are still homes in that range that sell within a week of hitting the market, but how fast your home sells depends on whether you price it correctly.


This is why, if you are a home seller, you need to hire an agent who understands the market and knows what it will take to get you top dollar. The last thing you want to do is chase the market down and keep making price adjustments. When you do that, you’re letting equity fly out the window. The homes that get a ton of traffic after they hit the market and sell quickly are the ones that are priced correctly. People know a great value when they see one.


Whether you’re looking to sell or buy in this incredible market, we’d love the opportunity to get you the best deal possible. If you have any questions or are looking to get started on achieving your real estate goals, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We look forward to speaking with you.

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June 29, 2018

What Is Happening in Sarasota and Manatee Counties?

It is time for another market update for Sarasota and Manatee counties.

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It is time for your June market update for Sarasota and Manatee Counties. This will give you the information you need to know when it comes to your real estate buying and selling.


There is a 3.2% increase in the number of new homes coming onto the market. This is great news since we usually see a decrease in inventory during the summer months.


Pending homes, or the number of homes that have entered escrow, have risen 8.9%, and the median price has risen 4.7%. If you are currently renting, you should know that if you had bought a $300,000 home last year instead of rented, you would have gained $14,000 in equity by now.


Next, I want to look at the number of homes that are for sale and how long it takes for those homes to go into escrow. The number of homes for sale is down 3.1% while the average escrow time is up 9% to 50 days on market. When there are fewer homes for sale it usually encourages less time on the market because there is more competition, however this is not what we are seeing.


  If you are currently renting, you should know that if you had bought a $300,000 home last year instead of rented, you would have gained $14,000 in equity by now.



In our case, though, we see a gap in the price points which is affecting this. For homes less than $300,000, there are about 2 to 2.5 months of inventory, which is very low. At over $600,000, however, there is much more inventory. There is also new construction and resales hitting the market so the days on market are increasing because of those categories.


Currently, the best opportunity is for those people who are looking to move out of a smaller home or condo and into a bigger home. Since there is less inventory in the lower price points, there will be a lot of buyers bidding for your home. There are also new construction and resale homes hitting the market, so the days on market are increasing because of those categories.


If you have any questions or are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. I would be happy to help you navigate our current market.

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June 25, 2018

How to Get the Most Money for Your Home: Episode 1

Today I am starting a new series about how to make the most money for your home. Up first, I will discuss the importance of lighting.

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Today I’m excited to begin my new series on how to get the most money for your home in today's market. For this installment, I’ll discuss making your home feel bigger and brighter.


To bring in the most light possible, the first thing you should do is to have sparkling-clean windows. If buyers see fingerprints or smudges on the doors and windows during showings, this will make a poor first impression. Dirty doors and windows don’t allow for optimal lighting and can ruin an otherwise perfect view.


When you are cleaning your windows, take the time to pop out the screens and rinse them off in your driveway. They can catch a lot of dust, which can cause your home to look dimmer.


The next thing I recommend is to replace all your light bulbs so that they are consistent throughout the house. When I come into a home, I want to see the same lighting throughout the entire home.


  If potential buyers see dead light bulbs, they may think there could be other issues neglected that are more serious.



You should select light bulbs that match the light tone to your home. Here in Florida, our lighting tends to appear tan and yellow in tone, so you can compliment your home's color with soft white light bulbs. If you have a modern home with grays, whites, and solid-color countertops, look for daylight bulbs. The blue and white will make your home's gray pop.


Regardless of which type of light bulbs you need, make sure that you change all of the fixtures to have new bulbs. There is nothing worse than coming into a home to find multiple lights with dead bulbs. It looks sloppy and buyers will come in and judge the home differently. They will think that there could be other issues neglected by not fixing such a simple maintenance issue.


When a home feels big and bright, potential buyers will make big, bright offers on your home and you will get top dollar.


If you have any questions or are interested in buying or selling, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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May 15, 2018

7875 237th St., Myakka City, FL 34251



Enter the gates & follow a lovely tree-lined drive to the entrance of this beautiful home on 10 acres of A-1 land. Luxurious & spacious living areas welcome you into this tastefully updated home filled with light and beauty. Wrap around porch gives you a 360-degree view of your stunning property! Have Horses? It includes a beautiful airy and cool 10 stall center-aisle barn with a tack room. Above barn includes a great space with power and water ready to transform this into a charming living space. The 10 spacious paddocks are perimeter each one already plumbed and ready to go. Love to travel? This home is RV friendly with separate septic hookup for your home away from home.



May 11, 2018

Let Us Help You Buy and Sell a Home Simultaneously

There are two common concerns that people have when they find themselves needing to buy and sell a home at the same time. Today we’d like to put those to rest.


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How do you buy and sell a home at the same time? We’ve heard this question a lot, usually with two chief concerns attached.


The first concern is about ending up without a home at all because you can’t find one that you love. When we hear that, we usually ask, “What would happen if you found the home that you loved and you couldn’t put an offer on it?” Our job is to put you in the best position to buy that home, and in order to do that, we need to have your home on the market.


In the eyes of the seller, you’re coming from a strong point of negotiation where you can put an offer in on that home and then take it all the way to closing. Just remember—our team will constantly prospect for homes while we’re marketing your current home for sale.


  Our team will constantly prospect for homes while we’re marketing their current home for sale.


The next concern is being stuck with two homes. This concern is valid; being stuck with two mortgage payments is not a position anyone wants to be in. We can prevent that by pricing your home ahead of the market. We’ll bring in multiple offers over time to get you under contract as quickly as possible.


When you’re trying to buy and sell a home at the same time, it really can be a simple process. Just let us take care of it; we’ll make it a smooth transition for you using our team of experts.


If you have any questions or need any assistance with your dual transaction, please reach out to us. We’re here to guide you through the process.

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Feb. 11, 2018

JUST LISTED in Esplanade! 13124 Palermo Dr, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211

13124 Palermo Dr, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211 in beautiful Esplanade Golf and Country Club



This picture-perfect Tuscan-inspired home epitomizes the charm and elegance of Esplanade. The Francesco model, impeccably designed by Taylor Morrison, features a stunning living room with elaborate tray ceilings overlooking a beautiful lake. Leading into your spacious dining room, you will pass your butler's pantry, perfect for entertaining guests. As you make your way through the open floor plan, immerse yourself in the gourmet kitchen with recessed lighting, gorgeous granite, massive island, and high-end stainless steel appliances. The master suite boasts a luxurious bathroom with granite, his and hers vanity areas, and a large frameless shower with corner seat. The garage has a four-foot extension which is perfect for storage. This home is golf included, and while you are here you must stop and see all of the resort-style amenities. Don't miss all of the beautiful detail and quality in this Francesco model, one of the most desired models in Esplanade.

Jan. 17, 2018

17022 Blue Ridge Place, Lakewood Ranch FL 34202- New Listing Polo Run!

INCREDIBLE NEW HOME FOR SALE IN POLO RUN! Check out the listing photos and price here!





Incredible Lake Views! This brand new Trevi model is waiting for you to call it home. Walk in and feel amazed at how large this home feels. Unwind in the spacious master suite, which includes a large bedroom, over-sized walk-in closet, and dual-sink bath with linen cabinet, large enclosed shower, and water closet. The gourmet kitchen features a center island and opens to a dining nook and the family room. Once your done cooking for everyone take it outside and enjoy your spacious enclosed Lanai. Polo Run is a brand new SOLAR powered community in Lakewood Ranch, the first of its kind here. This gated maintenance free community offers easy access to all that Lakewood Ranch has to offer! Come see this incredible pool home today.