8 Easy and Inexpensive Tips for Increasing Home Value 

Have you been thinking about selling your home but you feel like there are so many updates you need to do first? Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you easily and inexpensively increase the value of your home this spring:

1. Give the illusion that your home is bigger than its square footage 

A few easy steps such as de-cluttering and reorganizing can go a long way. Use storage shelving units to help         alleviate clutter. Also remove heavy draperies from around the windows to let in more natural light. The                   brighter and lighter the room, the bigger it appears. Adding a large mirror also reflects the light and visually             doubles the space.

2. Invite a pro to your home

Having a licensed Realtor or Interior Designer come to your home for an hour to give you some pointers is             highly recommended. These professionals are trained with the knowledge to know what sells and what                   doesn't.

3. Update to new energy-efficient fixtures

Small details such as light fixtures and ceiling fans can be big turn-offs if a buyer looks at your home. Updating these fixtures will make a great impression if you decide to sell your home. 

4. Simple Landscaping

We don't expect you to be a professional landscaper, but adding some shrubs and color can give your home some major curb appeal. Adding in low-maintenance shrubs and plants is inexpensive, and making sure they are native to where you live and also drought-free will be extra money in your pocket when it sells!

5. Bring out the artist in you

Painting is one of the simplest tricks for in increasing home value. It can make a home look brand new, and give a potential buyer room to imagine what it could be for them. Think of it as a clean canvas. With that said, neutrals are always a great way to go when deciding paint colors.

6. Get your home inspected

Before you decide whether or not you want to sell your home, it is a great idea to have an inspector come early on. This is great because you will know where you will need to be potentially spending money, and what your costs will look like. The earlier you catch these repairs, the less money you will spend.

7. Any kitchen and bathroom updates

When many people think of "updating," they immediately become overwhelmed with the thought of having to update EVERYTHING. I am here to tell you that is not necessarily the case. Small updates, or any updates, will help increase your home value. The kitchen and bathrooms are key places in your home to potential buyers, replacing dated fixtures, adding new tile, and replacing outdated wallpaper with paint can go a long way.

8. Cleanliness counts

Many of us have busy lives, but when it comes to floor-to-ceiling cleaning in your home, it can be extremely time-consuming, not to mention exhausting. Hiring a cleaning company to deep clean your home is a great way to add value and really refresh your home. 

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